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Tatou 4S ATV Tracks

Camoplast Tatou 4S ATV Tracks

Camoplast Tatou 4-S ATV Tracks


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  • Large footprint of 2400 sq in (1.55 sq m) for maximum floatation and best deep snow performance
  • Double front and rear idlers for added track support
  • Unequalled by any other track system for UTVs in deep snow
  • Available color: silver

And more

Hunting & fishing
Ranching, farming & odd jobs
Reaching inaccessible areas
And more

Hauling & job site transportation
Mining & construction
Ski hills & resorts
And more

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Camoplast Tatou UTV Track System. Tatou 4 can be shipped business to business!

Tatou UTV Track System is unequalled
by any track system for the snow!
Camoplast UTV Track Sytems can qualify for
free shipping if shipped to a business address!
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Tatou 4S


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In the 2010-2011 season we were one of the largest
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We carry all camoplast products, all ATV Track Systems, the tatou 4s line and Camoplast ATV Tracks for UTV's!


Click here to go to the Camoplast website and watch the amazing videos of Camoplast UTV Tatou in action!

Camoplast ATV or UTV
Track Systems are shipped in 5 boxes
ATV weighs 330 lbs
UTV weighs 495 lbs

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New York.

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